Drone Flight Near Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge Overlooking Lake Lowell and Treasure Valley

Wingsland S6 Drone Flight: Near Lake Lowell Overlooking Treasure Valley and Nampa Idaho.

Lake Lowell is located in Southern Idaho and is used for fishing, boating and irrigation in the summer months. The Deer Flat Refuge at Lake Lowell has hiking trails, swimming and picnic areas and more. It’s located about 30 minutes from Boise, Idaho on the shores of Lake Lowell between the cities of Nampa and Caldwell Idaho.

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge has two units–-Lake Lowell and the Snake River Islands. The Lake Lowell Unit encompasses 10,588 acres, including the almost 9,000-acre Lake Lowell and surrounding lands. The Snake River Islands Unit contains about 800 acres on 101 islands. These islands are distributed along 113 river miles from the Canyon-Ada County Line in Idaho, to Farewell Bend in Oregon.

About The Wingsland S6 Drone

The Wingsland S6 Drone does a decent job but is about the size of a larger smartphone so it is a little shaky on a windy day but let’s you capture 4K video and snap quality photos. It is easy to put in your pocket and take it on the go. It has just under 10 min. of flight time so don’t expect much. It did come with a 16GB mini-sd storage card from Sandisk, the battery charging station, extra wings, tightening tool and a case to protect the drone.

Want to see what the Wingsland S6 Drone looks like?
Wingsland S6 Drone

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